5 Steps to Finding a Results-Oriented Web Design Company

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5 Steps to Finding a Results-Oriented Web Design Company

Today almost all web design companies claim to be the best in the world! But, what really makes one service provider better than another? How do you find a great web designer? The word ‘great’ here means a firm that has a good portfolio, provides value for money and understands your objectives.

Think of the agency as your business partner. The site they develop for your business will play a very critical role in your venture achieving its goals. So whether you want to redesign an existing site or you want to build a new one, the agency you hire will affect your site’s success considerably. And with millions of web designers, it can be hard nut to crack ascertaining which provider is the right one for your investment.

1. The Company’s Experience

To help you with that, here are some important factors to keep in mind when hiring a web design agency.

Picking a web design firm is like choosing a contractor for your property. You want an end product that serves its main objective and looks great. So to attain this, you will need to go for an agency that has proven experience. The team there must be well experienced and the firm must have been in business for a few years.

2. Their Portfolio

Though most firms don’t have a site that resembles the one you are looking for, their portfolio should have similar tasks or features required to create your website. For example, if you want an e-commerce site, ensure you go for an agency that has previously created such sites. Go through their different designs and see if their style is similar to what you want.

UK Web GeekZ is a good example that features a lot of projects they worked on.

3. Analyse their strategy

They should offer a straight-forward strategy on how they plan to achieve what you want. As such a good strategy should aim to make your site trustworthy, relevant and authoritative. What’s more with a solid approach, it is very easy to create goals and set realistic expectations. Let them explain their approach comprehensively and see if they are in line. Let them explain their approach comprehensively and see if they are in line with your goals.

4. Current and previous clients

A good and reliable company will have past happy clients. So if you want to know what you will get from the agency, look at their previous customers. This will give a rough idea of what to expect. Contact the agency’s customers directly and ask them about their experience with the company. If they have good reviews of the firm you can be sure you are in safe hands but if they say otherwise, just pass.

5. Customer Service

The customer service department is very important today to any business and if you want to know how a company runs their business, look at the way it treats its customers. Pick a firm that will not take you round in circles and that will pick calls or return messages promptly. You can always tell if the firm is responsive by how quickly they respond to your estimate request. If they are fast you can be sure you are dealing with a reliable service.


Although a reliable web design company is hard to come by, if you find one you will be one-step away from realising your venture’s goals. So make sure you consider these 5 factors to hire a results oriented agency that will help you realise considerable results.

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