5 Tools That I Use to Run My SEO Campaigns in 2017

SEO tools 2017

5 Tools That I Use to Run My SEO Campaigns in 2017

In this post, I’d like to go through a few tools that are my absolute must-haves and help me to do all the SEO tasks, save my time and make my life a lot easier. This piece of content is aimed at people who’d like to do SEO on their own. You should get in touch with me, if you’d rather hire an SEO company to do the SEO for you.


Forget Majestic, Moz and other mediocre tools that the entire industry seems to love. Ahrefs is the king in its category and this an opinion based on heavily usage of all the popular backlink checkers on the marketplace. I can’t even give you an affiliate link because they don’t have an affiliate program so that hopefully makes my opinion even more trustworthy.

Ahrefs offers the biggest database of backlinks and a lot more features that most people don’t even know about. It will even show me backlinks that Google hasn’t crawled yet! Because of its ability to crawl so many backlinks, Ahrefs is the most credible tool when it comes to SEO metrics. Just put a domain into the site explorer and hit submit. You’ll get plenty of really useful information like the most popular pages, organic keywords you rank for, anchor text cloud and a lot more. In fact, I created this tutorial to explain you how to use Ahrefs properly because it’s such an awesome tool!


Scrapebox is the cheapest gem you can get on the SEO marketplace. For $57, you’ll get a lifetime license with all the updates. This is just crazy cheap compared to most other tools which are often on a SaaS basis. I definitely won’t go in-depth on how to use scrapebox because it’s such a complex tool, I could dedicate the entire website to it. What’s more, there’s plenty of great tutorials available already.

Scrapebox is not just an SEO tool. It has so many functions that the amount of tasks you can use it for is so vast the only limit is your imagination. A lot of people attach a blackhat label to it while it comes down to the way you use this software. If you build hundreds of spammy blog comments then you’re not only likely harming your website but you’re not using the real potential this tool offers. To learn how to use scrapebox properly, watch a few basic tutorials online. Overtime you’ll develop your own ways of supplementing your daily routines with this amazing tool. Personally, I use it on a daily basis and own 2 licenses.


Serpbook is my favourite keyword tracking tool. There’s a few things I really like about it that made me choose Serpbook over their competition. First of all, it will track your keyword in Google, Bing and Yahoo and still track it as one keyword. It will show you all the changes so that you can quickly catch up on the serp movements even if you’re tracking hundreds of keywords. Another useful option is tracking your map rankings. This is a great feature if you’re running local SEO campaigns. You can also track Youtube rankings.


I use Asana to have a good overview of the tasks I’ve accomplished and what still needs my attention. It’s a great productivity tool for both a single person and teams. You can attach tasks to members, set deadlines, comment, attach files, prioritize and a lot more. Even when you’re using the free version, Asana offers a hell of a lot and has definitely improved my productivity.


I choose Onedrive over Google Drive due to privacy reasons. It’s really useful for keeping track of your branded platforms, social media profiles and every useful information about your website. I like to create a single spreadsheet for one project and then divide different sections using tabs. This way, I know what’s going on with each project. And if something happens to my laptop, I can rest assure that all the necessary website’s information is saved on there.

Extra Recommendation

My friend Stephen from Upkeep Media loves using Semrush. He recommends starting every campaign with some in depth keyword research. You can use SEMRush to gain insights on your competition. Take the 5 website’s that are currently ranking on the first page for your targeted keyword and plug them into SEMrush. You’ll then be able to see exactly which keywords they’re ranking for. This will give you tons of new keyword ideas that are relevant for your website. SEMRush is simple to use and is definitely something you should include in your SEO arsenal.

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